We Are The Same

Presently, our generation if trying to fight about 3000 years of oppression we women have faced. And we’re doing a brilliant job at it. We didn’t start this fight. Our great-grandmothers did. And those ladies have fought way harder than us, I’m sure.

This isn’t about the oppression my grandma faced; nor the struggles that I continue to face. No, that’s a whole different story altogether. Safely put away in a box; not ready to be brought down from my attic as yet. This is about a group of human beings I know. They identify themselves as women. And I’m one of them too.

In fact, this is about you and me. About how we both are so similar. I’ll tell you how. Take a seat.

You like cussing loudly while ranting about your horrible boss? We do too.
You like to code? We do too.
You go to the bar hoping to get lucky that night? We do too.
You get lazy and wear the same underwear for days on end? We do too.
You talk about boobs and balls? We do too.
You like to wear less clothing as possible while at home? We do too. But we also know you like to occasionally dress up, just like us. Oh, hey. And we both also like to check ourselves out on a reflective surface now and again, don’t we?
You worry about running out of toilet paper? We do too.
You enjoy cold beers and whisky? We do too.
You check for body odour so you can avoid bathing? We do too.
You like chai and sutta? We do too.
You check out that hot person that works on your floor? We do too.

You see? We’re similar in so many ways. We’re the same level of barbaric and civilized. There’s clean freaks, bookworms, movie buffs, foodies, creepy stalkers, badass coders, master chefs and a whole lot of weirdos between the both of us.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to ignore or belittle your struggles. I know you have your fair share of worries and struggles. And I support you a hundred percent. But I’m fighting 3000 years of oppression. Why? We’re the same, you and I. Then why is it that I’m still fighting to be an equal? 

Kindly note: This was not written with the intent to generalize what men and women prefer. It was only to draw a comparison between our popular likes, dislikes and behaviours.
Also, there is content on the internetworks that suggests women have faced oppression for more than 6000 years. My use of ‘3000 years’ was an approximation.
And once again, this post in no way is to belittle or rubbish the struggles that men are faced with.
And if isn’t clear already, I respect you all. 

Published by TejaswiniHalthore

Hi. I'm a 25-year-old dancer and social worker. I love hot cups of chai and all things Indian.

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