Happy List

A few days ago, I went on a spree of reading “ways to make 2018 ACTUALLY better” articles. And boy, did I go to town with it! But a particular point in one of these many many articles interested me. And it was to encourage yourself and others to make a “happy list”. It is pretty straight forward. Make a list of things that make you truly happy. And, of course, the list is non exhaustive. You can keep adding to it as and when you discover the little things you enjoy.

And I made a tiny list of my own. This was supposed to be personal. But as I was making this list, I realised it’s extremely fun. And I thought “why not share it with other humans around the world?”. 

Also, the reason I decided to list these things down is so I could take notice of the small details of my life that make me happy; and help me realise that there is so much in the world to be grateful for. 

1. The first sip of chai every morning that tends to set the mood for the rest of the day. 

2. That drop of sweat that drips of my nose during an intense workout. 

3. Looking at my best friend walk up to me at work every morning and hearing her go “Holaaaa”. She’s a goofball, that girl! 

4. Buying presents for people. 

5. Receiving the “out for delivery” message on a book I ordered online. And actually receiving said book, of course. 

6. Booking an Uber only to find out he’s a perfect “three minutes away”. Not too far. Not too close. 

7. The tiny sense of accomplishment I feel after the seven floor climb to my desk at work. 

8. Listening to mom talk about something funny that happened at her work place. 

9. The excitement I feel when I see my friend write her latest blog post. 

10. The sheer joy of walking into a dance rehearsal. 

Published by TejaswiniHalthore

Hi. I'm a 25-year-old dancer and social worker. I love hot cups of chai and all things Indian.

2 thoughts on “Happy List

  1. My happy list is simple: wake up in the morning. Do reading>Meditate>Stretch>Pushups>Squats>Have oatmeal with PB and Yogurt for Breakfast>Learn Something new. And then at night workout. And i feel happy.


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