Dance like everyone’s watching

My journey as a dancer started many many years ago. Even before I could articulate my thoughts fluently, I began dancing. What followed was my formal training in classical dance constantly for many years. I didn’t take breaks during the “crucial study year(s)”, I didn’t miss classes for a family event or travel, I evenContinue reading “Dance like everyone’s watching”

The paradox of waiting

We anticipate. We wait. We romanticize the arrival. We wait. We prepare for the worst, expect the best. We wait. We draw up big plans and schedule. We wait. There is so much beauty in this waiting. From waiting for the arrival of the food you ordered at a restaurant. From waiting for that specialContinue reading “The paradox of waiting”

The blunt and beautiful world of OTT Platforms

Working from home has undoubtedly made most of us revisit our schedules. Personally, it meant spending more time getting [lesser] work done. And a lot of time spent cleaning, cooking and of course, binge watching a lot of series and movies on a number of OTT platforms. For a good while now, I have letContinue reading “The blunt and beautiful world of OTT Platforms”

The curriculum conundrum

The pandemic has caused its share of misery for each one of us and our lived experiences through these times will- and I say this with a heavy heart and full assurance- change the way we make life decisions. Both career and personal and everything in between. In the beginning of March, I returned homeContinue reading “The curriculum conundrum”